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Re: [RC] [RC] team selection - John Teeter - oddfarm

Wow! Thanks John for the explanation.
A two hour vet check, huh? Were they watching hooves grow?? What exactly is a "special vet exam" that makes it so rigorous?
So a rider can nominate their own horse for the USEF endurance squad. Then over the course of 2 years they do qualification rides and those are the rides that are monitored by USEF officials.
The two training rides were not actual rides, just 2 times they all got together at one place to ride, have a special exam and be interviewed. Right?
I am a tad confused on the math problem ;) Is the 10+2 with  the 5+1 a different team than the 12+6? I can't follow word problems and I don't understand what all that means. (Deja vu, I am in school all over again!)
I never thought about our "National Championship" not really being a real championship as compared to other countries. That is interesting. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I assume our divisions that you are referring to are the weight divisions. How do the other countries determine qualifications for their NC rides? Is it based strictly on times, or do they also have weight divisions. Is the one "real" winner a rider who competed against all riders as "the cream of the crop" or against riders in weight divisions also?
If you have any ideas as to how to make progress on this issue, work with the AERC board.
Ha, ha, ha! You had me going on this one! OH, don't get me started.
Thanks for the info John and bringing it all together. It makes sense.  Reading it in different journals and what not made it hard to follow the actual processes.
Lisa Salas, The Odd faRm