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Re: [RC] Question on Mounted Posse/Endurance - Joe Long

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 08:56:59 -0700, "Diana  Hiiesalu"
<entais@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a question that I thought someone might be able to have some input on.
I have an 8 yr old arab who is in training now to be broke. I bred him and he 
has a wonderful mind, calm and thoughtful. I've been busy with my life, but 
things changed drastically so now he's getting trained. I originally wanted to 
ride him in endurance, but for the time being, have signed up as a volunteer 
for the sheriff's posse in my area. Ali'i will have to pass a 40 hour sensory 
training course, which will be starting in Jan. but soon, I will start taking 
him to general training events with the posse.

My question is: or I'm thinking more of a comment from another volunteer, who 
has been involved with the posse over 20 years. She said she doesn't know any 
endurance horse that has made a good posse horse, that they are too ready to 
go all the time. I'd like to think it really is just a matter of training, 
that your horse is either trained or he isn't. Since I'm starting with the 
posse training first, I figure he will have that down well before I get to 
conditioning for endurance. I have another arab who I think would also be a 
great posse horse, and I rode him in a 50 and did quite well with him. He's 
lazy for the most part, but during the race, lazy is not a word I would have 
described him. Anyway, I'd love to hear comments and/or experiences related to 

I was a volunteer with a Sherrif's Posse for years, using my endurance
horses.  Kahlil gained a lot of valuable experience from his posse
work.  It gets the horse used to strange situations, sights, and
sounds, and builds trust in his rider.  We worked security at tractor
pulls (very noisy), fireworks, and state fairs.  We rode in parades,
near large baloons and fire trucks running their bells and sirens,
among screaming crowds. Kahlil got a bit high on the marijuana smoke
at a rock concert.

I'd say your friend who says endurance horses don't make good posse
horses hasn't actually seen many doing it.  Hey, when you go out for
search and rescue, your horse will still be going when the others have
pooped out!

Anyway, go for it.  You'll be doing a valuable community service, you
and your horse will learn a lot, and you'll have a ball doing it.

Joe Long


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[RC] Question on Mounted Posse/Endurance, Diana Hiiesalu