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Re: [RC] OT - LQ electrical problem -- need answers - Truman Prevatt

With our old trailer the Solar Panel charge controller was the culprit to a similar problem. The LQ has two different power sources. The first is DC, lights, etc. The second is AC for the microwave, air conditioner, hair dryer, etc. Turns out a diode was bad with current leaking back through the wrong way to ground. By the inverter he probably meas the DC power supply or the AC to DC transformer. When the LQ is plugged in this supplies DC current for charging/maintaining the battery, running the lights, running the refrigerator circuitry, etc. The solar charger directly provides DC current through the controller. The controller locks down the current flow to keep it from overcharging the battery and burning it up. There is feedback from the batter to the controller that provides the information the controller needs to manage the current flow. This is through diode which allow current to flow one way - in this case to the controller - and not the other way. This is where my problem was and this resulted in a drainage of the battery to ground.

First thing to do is disconnect the solar controller and see if it works. Next if that isn't the problem is to look at the DC power supply.

There is either some sort of current leakage in your LQ or the system is not grounded properly. The best thing to do as Ed states is to find a good RV repairman - one that knows how to read a volt meter.


Sisu West Ranch wrote:
If hooked up properly, the trailer LQ 12 V stuff will run off of the 120 V power pack (I think that this is what your mechanic is calling the "inverter". You should not have an "inverter" they change the 12 v DC to 120 v AC to run AC stuff off of a battery).
If this is set up right, plugging the LQ into a 120 V source will start the power pack producing 12V. This 12V will immediately get the lights to bright, and the excess will start charging the batteries.
You should also make sure that if you have a propane refrigerator, that it is not trying to run on 12V while in camp. This will drain batteries quick. They usually have buttons and lights to tell you what they are running on.
I think you may need to find a better RV repair place. I don't think they understrand electricity.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640


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[RC] OT - LQ electrical problem -- need answers, Karen Williams
Re: [RC] OT - LQ electrical problem -- need answers, Sisu West Ranch