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RE: [RC] Barbaro - heidi

Much as I dislike a great many things about the TB industry, there are a lot of assumptions in a post like this that simply aren't justified.  Horses exhibit pain by having increased heart rates, going off feed, acting depressed, etc.  Barbaro has for the most part maintained a normal heart rate, has slicked up his food, has maintained normal bloodwork, and has remained bright-eyed and cheerful.  He is not exhibiting signs of being cruelly in pain.  He is having his pain managed medically, certainly--but the point is that it IS being managed, and fairly successfully, or he would not be acting the way he is acting.
His owners have said all along that if those aspects change, they will pull the plug.  To be judgmental about their motives in caring about the horse and to suggest that the horse is suffering a great deal simply is not fair to his owners and trainer, or to the veterinary staff that is attending him.  They monitor him closely, and will be aware (should that time come) when he crosses that fine line between being a happy horse and being a miserable one.  Yes, I'm sure he'd rather be whole and sound and frolicking in a paddock somewhere--but he is exhibiting every sign of accepting his confinement with aplomb and of not being any more than mildly uncomfortable.  And since that is the case, I agree with those who have suggested that we need to cut his owners a little slack, whether we like the industry in general or not.

My opinion, for what its worth, is if these people loved and cared for this horse, they would put him out of his misery.
I have never advocated trying to save an animal just because I loved it.
You have to weigh the pain they go through for recovery as well as quality of life and changes of normal lifestyle.
For Barbaro, I just dont think it is worth it.
Since TB's only allow natural service, I doubt if he could ever breed mares given his injuries and illness.
I dont understand putting him through this for the sake of standing at stud, and I certainly dont understand it when there is no monetary gain or super foals expected from standing at stud.
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