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Re: [RC] [RC] Barbaro - Debbie Kirchner

On 7/19/06, RafterH@xxxxxxx <RafterH@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My opinion, for what its worth, is if these people loved and cared for this horse, they would put him out of his misery.
I have never advocated trying to save an animal just because I loved it.
You have to weigh the pain they go through for recovery as well as quality of life and changes of normal lifestyle.
For Barbaro, I just dont think it is worth it.
Since TB's only allow natural service, I doubt if he could ever breed mares given his injuries and illness.
I dont understand putting him through this for the sake of standing at stud, and I certainly dont understand it when there is no monetary gain or super foals expected from standing at stud.

Interesting... I bet they will come up with a good splint for that leg when breeding, I also beleive that once they get him moving on that leg and get him detoxed from all the meds and pain killers that the chances are good that he will come out of the founder in the back legs and be fine... there is a lot that can be done to give him a good quality of life...
I do belive we run horses way to early in the racing world... 3 is way to young to be putting that kind of stress on bones and joints.. start them late, run them late and I think we would have less stress... but, MONEY talks, and time is money, so I doubt it will change... which is sad... 
             Debbie in SE MN

         The Eagle shows the way....

[RC] Barbaro, RafterH