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Re: [RC] hoof protection boots - Chrystal Woodhouse

Leah- I really like the easy boots- they are the cheapest and to this point I haven't had too much trouble with them, I did lose two this year ( last year I lost none doing 50's) however decided I didn't have them tight enough ( was getting lazy :-)) check out Karen's website for lots of info ( you can find it through the easy care website) and MAKE sure your boots are on tight! I usually have to stamp, jump etc.. on them with my foot to get them closed.I also wrap vet wrap on the hoof beforehand.
I also don't use the boots on sandy rides ( we have two or three 50's like that) and have always gone barefoot behind- however as we are getting ready for our first 100 this fall I have decided to start putting boots on back in preparation. :-)
Good luck!

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07/17/2006 06:25 PM

[RC]   hoof protection boots

Having just finished an incredible hot, humid (beside the point but had to add it) ride with 2 less shoes than I started with for the last 15 miles of the rocky's part, and having my horse do well with out them. I am once again rethinking this barefoot thing, with a protective boot for rocky terrain. I have a pair of Easy boots with gaiters, although they are too big for him and I should put them on Ebay. I've been looking at the varieties of boots. What boot are you all happiest with for long distance.

Leah McGregor

Starhaven Farm

[RC] hoof protection boots, starhaven@xxxxxxxxxxx