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[RC] FW: (no subject) - Roxanne Ciccone

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From: Kathy and Bob Bridges
Sent: Jul 17, 2006 1:47 PM
To: ASueAvera , burnstraffic@xxxxxxxxxxx, Dawn Reese , Judy Farrell , Lynda Gillen-Smith , Robin Baxter , Robin Ecker , runawaywoman@xxxxxxxxxxxx, twoponys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Steve Coleman
Subject: FW: (no subject)



From: Valorie Collante [mailto:vcollante@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 12:03 PM
To: Kathy and Bob Bridges; Sandy Werner; Wilson, Cathy @ AR
Subject: Fw: (no subject)



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Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 12:49 PM

Subject: FW: (no subject)





Petition to Require citizenship to be eligible for social services in the
United States and No amnesty and No free services for

illegal immigrants.Instructions to sign are at the bottom.


  1. Mary Takami, Calif.
  2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
  3. Frank Beirau, Calif.
  4. Barbara Murray, Calif.
  5. Dody Farha, Okla.
  6, Woody Farho, Okla
  7. Donna Capatosto, CA
  8. Larry Capatosto, CA
  9. Ryan Capatosto, CA
  10. Samantha Capatosto, CA
  11. Nancy Brown, Torrance, CA
  12. Daniel Brown, Torrance, CA
  13. Tamara Clark, Torrance, CA
  14. Darrin Clark, Torrance, CA
  15. J. L. Thome, Torrance, CA
  16. J. E. Thome, torrance, CA
  17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach, CA
  18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  19.  Jim Lehman The Dalles, OR
  21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
  22 Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
  23 bob reid, mesa az
  24 janet reid, mesa az
  25 kaley reid, mesa az
  26 antonio reid, mesa az
  27. Spike Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
  28. Wendy Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
  29  Joe Paluch, Fountain Hills Az.
  30 Dolores Paluch, Fountain Hills AZ.
  31 James Ball
  32 Sharon Ball
  33. Ted Dutiel Tucson AZ
  34. Trish Dutiel Tucson AZ
  35.  Douglas Fiihr, Franktown, CO
  36. Cathy Fiihr, Franktown, CO
  37.  JoAnne Stark, Franktown, CO
  38.  Thomas J.McDaniel
  39.  Jewel McDaniel
  40.  Robert Nichols
  41.  Patricia Nichols
  42.  James A.
  43 Nichols,Westland,MI
  44.  Frances E. Nichols,
  45Westland, MI
  46. Wayne A.Nichols,TX  47. Brenda K.Nichols,TX
  48. Richard C. Wilson
  49.  Daniel Patz, TX>
  50. Judith Patz. TX>
  51. Susan Maxwell, Oregon
  52. Jerry Maxwell, Oregon
  53. George Collins, New Mexico
  54. Connie Collins, New Mexico
  53. Sharon Collins, New Mexico
  55. Mary Honkomp, New Mexico
  56. Ed Honkomp, New Mexico
  57. William C. Goble, Odessa, TX
  58. James Genzling, Lakewood NM
  59. Theresa Genzling, Lakewood NM
  60. Amanda Genzling, Lakewood NM
  61 Bob braziel Rio Rancho,nm
  62 Carolyn Braziel Rio Rancho,nm
  63 Jake Mullins   Abilene, Tx
  64 Rose Mullins   Abilene,Tx
  65 Barbara Nichols  Abilene, Tx
  66 Jimmy Nichols  Abilene, Tx
  68. H. Lindley Abilene, Texas
  69. A. Lindley Abilene, Texas
70.  Nettie Corley, TX.
71.&nb sp; Ken B. Corley,
72.Patsy Hagemann, TX.
73. Robert Hagemann.TX
74.Cathy Hunt, TX
75. Terry Hunt, TX.
76   Donna Henrikson, TX
77. Cindy Compton, TX
78. Jean Wood, TX
79.  Brett Wood, TX
80.  Marie Walker, TX
81. Bruce Walker, TX
82. Randie Smith, TX
83. Leslie Duncan, TX
84. Bill Duncan, TX
85. Bill Worthington, TX
86. Morris Hodgson, Ok
87. Marcia Hodgson, Ok
88. Sandra Logback, TX
89. Ron Logback, TX
90. Nancy Koger, TX
91. Caron Babcock - Tx.
92. Don Babcock - Tx.
93.  Nancie Sisemore
94.  Jess Sisemore
95.  Sue Norman, Tx.
96.  Jerry Norman, Tx.
97. Mike Hemphill Westminster Calif
98  Dale Deffner, HB, CA
99. Felicia Kane, Clifton, CO
100. Joshua Kane, Grand Junction, CO
101. Sam Kane, Mesa, CO
102. Ruby Kane, SD, CA
103 Gloria Zukoski NY
104 Janice Dunn, FL
105 Carol C. Cooney FL
106. David Steadman, IL
107. Dee Noel, CO
108. Darla Leffel, CO
109. Brian Leffel, CO
110. Carroll Smith, CO
111. Helen Payne, TX
112. Peggy Losher, TX
113. Don Losher, TX
114. Bill Welsh, TX
115. Laurel Welsh, TX
116. Phil Gudat, tx
117. Larry Boles, TX
118. Sharon Boles, TX
119. Judy Britton, TX
120.  Lois McDavid       OK
121.  Joseph DiGangi, TX
122.  Barbara DiGangi, TX
123. Rod Williams
124. Sherry Williams
125. Burch Lovely, TX
126. JoAnn Lovely, TX
127 Barbara Turner, MA
128 Edward P. Smith, CT

129 R D Armstrong, Fl
130 C D Armstrong. Fl
131 K Cella, FL
132 L Cella, FL
133. Tom Slattery  Fl
134. Mary Slattery  Fl
1 35  Zelma Brown, Fl 
136 Dottie Butler, FL
137  Lynn Paolillo
138 Richard Paolillo
139 Anthony Egan , Venice, Fl
140 Miriam Egan 
Venice, Fl 
 141Elizabeth Ferrero, Palmyra, NJ
 142. Elaine Paolucci, Fl

143 David Barnhart, Sarasota, FL
144  Dick Davis, Sarasota, Fl.
145  Donald Hodson, Bradenton, Fl. 
146  Wendy Hall, NV
147   Howard Hall, NV
148  Donna Capilli, NV
149  John Capilli, NV
150  Steve Winne, LAs Vegas, NV
151  Donald Presbrey, Flintville TN
152  Constance Presbrey, Flintville TN
153  Gary Planchon,   Las Vegas, NV
154 Sandra Johnson, Las Vegas, NV
155 Kathy Mullen, San Jose, CA
156 Kenneth Flint, West Jordan, UT
157 Wilma Staton, Hurricane, UT
158 Mary Wood, Long Beach, CA
159 Jim Kane, Long Beach, CA
160 Lynn Perrin, Wildomar, CA
161 Dennis Perrin,Wildomar,CA.   
163. Leonard Bacon, SENECA, sc

164.  Joe Dina, Westminster, SC
165.  KAREN THOMAS, Largo FL
166.  Sandra L. Werner, Alachua, FL

167. Valorie Collante, High Springs, FL

168. Werner Collante, High Springs, FL

169. Kathy Bridges, Alachua, FL

 170. Roxanne Ciccone

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these
names.  If you do not want to sign it, please forward it to everyone you

know.   Thank you!!!
To add your name, click on "forward".  You will be able to add your name at
the bottom of the list and then forward it to your friends.

   .... then keep the petition going by starting a
new one....


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