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Re: [RC] Horse Management in Excessive Heat - Jody Rogers-Buttram

I like the idea of the frozen milk jugs...will do that one.
I had bought a fly sheet for Aries....flies LOVE to eat her up....  but had to take that off and keep her in the barn anyway.  After a couple days, I notice big red spots on the sheet.  The flies were getting up under it, and being trapped.  So they just ATE the whole time....poor horse.  So watch the fly sheets.
Oh, it is 5:30pm right now in the sunny South...and 100 degrees !!!

steelsidedown <Steelsidedown@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Our temps are in that range, but not quite!  <phew!>
Keep water tanks in the shade, change water daily as algae forms very quickly changing the taste of the water.  Also in my field where it isn't possible to get a water hose to the shady area, I freeze milk jugs of water and put 2-3 in, in the early afternoon.  (who wants to drink hot water when its 98' out?)  BTW, 4 horses emptied a 60 gallon tank today!  I'm sure a little foot soaking and splashing happened, but still OMG!
Salt out and available in block and loose, and a bit added to food.
Turned them out during the day, as the usual cool shady airy barn has turned stifling -- even with huge fans & misters.  They seem to rotate around the field to different shady spots as the sunlight changes.
Tons of fly spray and/or white fly sheets.  My guys in sheets are not sweating today, the "naked" one is -- go figure.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 3:12 PM
Subject: [RC] Horse Management in Excessive Heat

Like much of the other parts of the U.S., northeast Texas is in the grip of a major heatwave.  Consecutive days above 100 degrees.  Today it was 96 by 10 am; it's now just 2 pm and already 104.  Night temperatures aren't going much below the low-mid 80s so the horses aren't getting a "cooling break" even during the night.
Am interested in some discussion about horse management during heat waves (beyond the obvious--access to cool fresh water, free choice salt, shade).  Change in feed protocol?  Mandatory e-lyte supplementation to make up loss during excessive sweating?  Change in amount of forage, which produces heat? 
Denton, TX

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Re: [RC] Horse Management in Excessive Heat, steelsidedown