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Re: [RC] historical question - Joe Long

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006 12:11:55 -0700 (PDT), Jody Rogers-Buttram
<dragnin100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would say (if my memory serves me at all) that in the SE region it would 
have been about 1988-89???  Joe Long should know this answer as well as any.  
I remember riding 100's that didn't have glowsticks before then.  And 
glowsticks meant one ONLY at an important turn, certainly not all turns.

A little earlier, it was sometime in the mid-1980's.  Do you remember
the kids tossing glowsticks down the outhouses?

I rode the Big Horn in 1982 and 1984 and they were using "smudge pots"
on the final section.  You had to be careful, you couldn't just ride
toward one if you saw it in the distance, or you might ride off the
side of the mountain.  They use battery-powered flashers now, very
easy to see.

 As far as stories go, I know that Jerrilynn Gray and her dad Jerry, were 
doing a 100 at Natchez Trace one year, missed a turn, for some reason didn't 
have a flashlight and there were NO glowsticks.  So, they got off their 
horses and were "feeling" the ground for hoofprints to figure out which way 
to go.  Now, that is getting pretty bad.

I was doing a 100 in Texas in the mid-1980's and got caught by
darkness falling, while riding alone, with no flashlight, last on the
trail (there had been only three starters and one of them pulled).
They used no glowsticks or any other lighted markers.  I was only a
mile or two from the next vet check but had no way to find it, so I
just stopped and waited until someone came looking for me.

One of the last 100's I managed in Bankhead Forest, when we were using
glowsticks, the last rider on the trail didn't show at a vet check. We
found her by the side of the road, off her horse, exhausted, cold and
disoriented -- and with glowsticks hanging all over the horse
(fortunately, as we might not have seen her otherwise).

Joe Long


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