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[RC] Horse Size - Bruce Weary DC

There have been some tremendously talented horses in endurance that many people would consider small, as compared to the typical size of horses in other disciplines. Witezarif, who won or tied Tevis six times was a tiny horse, but was a goin' machine. I think he ran on straight alfalfa, to boot. R.O. Grand Sultan (Rio) was another little guy that comes to mind. Smaller horses have some distinct advantages. The most obvious is that they have less of their own mass to carry down the trail. They also have a greater proportionate skin surface for cooling than a bigger horse. This proportion can also apply to their heart and lung capacities, especially as they relate to serving a smaller body and it's blood/oxygen needs. Since they are shorter in height and in length, the lever systems in their joints and in their spine are shorter, which allows for more power with less stress on those joints. I am 6'4" and 205 lbs. With my wing span and weight, I am no match in the bench press for a 5'9" weightlifter who has shorter arms (less distance to move the weight) nor would I do well against a marathon runner who is 60 lbs lighter than me. My strengths are in ducking low hanging branches that don't bother other people, and in reaching things in the top cabinets for my wife. Oh, and hanging the star on the Christmas tree. These are important jobs, and I don't take them lightly. Dr Q, who wouldn't make a good ballerina, either.


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