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[RC] Gas crunch - rides2far

Angie,  Move to Leatherwood Mountains!!!  We have 100 miles of horse
and of  course the Leatherwood endurance each year.
 Phil Rash

OK, I've been thinking about this.  Last week my brother rented a cabin
on a small lake. He took a ski boat. We took a canoe & a kayak. The lake
felt small to them. They went around it and around it. We never ran out
of water on paddle power. When it's harder to paddle 100 feet, a mile
seems like a long way.  So...then I rode with a bunch of trail riders
Sat. Their horses were S-L-O-W. They had to stop and blow after every
hill...but 10 miles of trail was enough to get them 5 hrs of riding time!

So, now I'm thinking. Is my Arab a "trail guzzler"?  Does the fact that
he can go so far so fast just make me run out of trail? If we have a
trail shortage, should I get an animal that "conserves trail?"  Saturday,
the pace with those chunky horses looking like they hated to take every
step felt sooo slow. But I was thinking, I could get one of those little
Paso Finos that goes really fast taking the tiny tiny steps with lots of
knee action (not all of them do, but some do and that's what I'd get!). 
It would be kind of like peddling a bike in 1st geer, peddling like crazy
but not going anywhere. It would conserve trail! What do ya'll think? Are
the really good endurance horses going to become obsolete... the hummers
of the the equine world?


What do ya'll think? 


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