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RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse? - Rae Callaway

For me - if I ask the person to ride my horse, I'll pay.  If they ask to ride my horse, they pay.  The horse gets miles added regardless of who rides.

Diana Peterson <diana2507@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hmm... I have ridden some of my friends horses in the past...and i always
payed my own fee's.
But i am an adult making my own money.
If i had a junior ride my horse for me ...i would pay for them since they
more the likely don't have money of there own, and if i wanted to milage on
my horse for his records.

My two cents
Diana and Del Passo

>From: Christina Schiro
>To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse?
>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:48:26 -0700 (PDT)
>I have a young friend, a junior, who would like to ride my horse, Ice, at
>the Blackwater Boogie in December (I am the Ride Manager).
> Knowing I wouldn't be able to ride my horse, Ashley asked me if she
>could ride Ice in the 25 miler. Note - Ashley would have been my first
>choice to Ice anyways. If Ashley couldn't ride, I would find someone else
>to compete my horse.
> I told Ashely "Yes!" because she is a terrific rider,has ridden Ice a
>lot, and Ice really likes her, but we have not discussed who will pay the
>ride entry.
> I don't know if any of this matters..., but,
> Ashley is not an AERC member. So she doesn't care about accumulating
>mileage for her record (at least yet!). However, *I* DO care that my horse
>does accumulate mileage for his records and keeps in condition for the
>other competitions I am riding him in, so I REALLY want him to do the
>Blackwater Boogie.
> Ashley has only done one AERC ride, a 30 miler last March, where I was
>her sponsor. I rode my horse Ice, and she rode her riding
>instructor/distance rider's Arab, Skeeter, after the horse's owner
>suggested/offered the horse for Ashley to do her first AERC ride. Skeeter
>had never done an AERC ride before, so the owner didn't care about the
>horse accumulating mileage for his record. Ashley (or rather her parents)
>paid the ride entry.
> Ashley just told me the plan was for Ashley's mom, Mary, to ride
>Ashley's new horse, Duke, (an arab Ashley's had for about two months), and
>be Ashley's sponsor. Mary has never done distance riding before but was an
>avid horseback rider in her younger days from what I understand. Duke is a
>practically dead-broke horse. Ice can be spirited, so I don't want Mary to
>ride him.
> By the way, even though I am the RM, my horse's entry will still have to
>be paid, because the horse club I belong to is sponsoring the ride (i.e.
>paying all the bills!), so no free ride for my horse I guess. This is the
>club's first AERC ride, so they are relying on me to make sure we at least
>break even!!
> Opinions on who should pay for Ice's ride entry?

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RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse?, Diana Peterson