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RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else ridesyour horse? - John Teeter

Everyone - Please do not send full quotes of the email you are replying to back to the list! it's getting out of hand (again). When you reply to the list - include ONLY that part of the message you need to provide context for your reply (the MINIMUM is the subject line with NO included text. That would have been the right choice in the following post.


At 11:17 AM 7/17/2006, you wrote:
I've always expected the rider to pay his or her own fees, except for my grandson, of course!

Diana Peterson <diana2507@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hmm... I have ridden some of my friends horses in the past...and i always
payed my own fee's.
But i am an adult making my own money.
If i had a junior ride my horse for me ...i would pay for them since they
more the likely don't have money of there own, and if i wanted to milage on
my horse for his records.

My two cents
Diana and Del Passo

>From: Christina Schiro
>To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse?
>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:48:26 -0700 (PDT)
>I have a young friend, a junior, who would like to ride my horse, Ice, at
>the Blackwater Boogie in December (I am the Ride Manager).
> Knowing I wouldn't be able to ride my horse, Ashley asked me if she
>could ride Ice in the 25 miler. Note - Ashley would have been my first
>choice to Ice anyways. If Ashley couldn't ride, I would find someone else
>to compete my horse.
> I told Ashely "Yes!" because she is a terrific rider,has ridden Ice a
>lot, and Ice really likes her, but we have not discussed who will pay the
>ride entry.
> I don't know if any of this matters..., but,
> Ashley is not an AERC member. So she doesn't care about accumulating
>mileage for her record (at least yet!). However, *I* DO care that my horse
>does accumulate mileage for his records and keeps in condition for the
>other competitions I am riding him in, so I REALLY want him to do the
>Blackwater Boogie.
> Ashley has only done one AERC ride, a 30 miler last March, where I was
>her sponsor. I rode my horse Ice, and she rode her riding
>instructor/distance rider's Arab, Skeeter, after the horse's owner
>suggested/offered the horse for Ashley to do her first AERC ride. Skeeter
>had never done an AERC ride before, so the owner didn't care about the
>horse accumulating mileage for his record. Ashley (or rather her parents)
>paid the ride entry.
> Ashley just told me the plan was for Ashley's mom, Mary, to ride
>Ashley's new horse, Duke, (an arab Ashley's had for about two months), and
>be Ashley's sponsor. Mary has never done distance riding before but was an
>avid horseback rider in her younger days from what I understand. Duke is a
>practically dead-broke horse. Ice can be spirited, so I don't want Mary to
>ride him.
> By the way, even though I am the RM, my horse's entry will still have to
>be paid, because the horse club I belong to is sponsoring the ride (i.e.
>paying all the bills!), so no free ride for my horse I guess. This is the
>club's first AERC ride, so they are relying on me to make sure we at least
>break even!!
> Opinions on who should pay for Ice's ride entry?

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RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse?, Diana Peterson
RE: [RC] [RC] Ride Entry - who pays when someone else rides your horse?, Chris Paus