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[RC] Poison oak and ivy - sherman

My horses all love to eat poison oak. We have to be careful about touching their mouths afterwards, and their legs.


Since the oil from the plant causes the reaction, getting the oil off will stop the spread of the rash. So if I find a spot of itchiness, or I know for sure that I rubbed against the plant, I spend about 15 minutes scrubbing down with either mechanics waterless soap, GOOP is a well known brand, or I use Dawn dishwashing soap, which is also a great oil remover. Rinse well with cool or tepid water and there is usually no spreading of the rash. There are products made specifically for washing after contact, but they’re too expenseive for our family, since I have 2 teenagers and and husband, and myself that might need a full body wash.




After an enjoyable night of scratching after an

unwitting contact with some poison ivy I got to

wondering. Are horses sensitive to these annoying

plants and if so, what is the best treatment to

relieve there discomfort?

The muleman also know as the poison weed magnet.