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[RC] Riding in the dark - a few more questions please - Angie Fura

Hi everyone - I'm back to ask more questions about riding in the dark.  I received a lot of great information on lighting products - thanks to everyone who contributed.   I have more questions about some other topics. If anyone has feedback on the following questions, I would appreciate it!
=What preparations, if any, do you take to deal with the lack of sleep on a 100-miler or the altered sleep pattern of a moon light ride?
=What preparations, if any, do you take FOR YOUR HORSE to deal with the lack of sleep on a 100-miler or the altered sleep pattern of a moon light ride?
=Do you have generally arrive a few days early or stay a few days late when you do rides that require you to ride at night?
=Do you have any special food items or beverages (for yourself, not the horse) that help you pep up or stay alert? 
=Do you alter your horse's feeding strategy at all?
=It seems that the use of lights are a personal preference.  What about reflective gear?  Do you use any sort of tape, vests, leg wraps, etc so you can be seen by drivers/riders at night?  If you do, where are the best places to purchase? 
=Do you intentially ride at night in preparation for a competition? If you do, do you generally ride in a group or alone?
=How much night training do you recommend before you compete in a ride that requires riding in the dark?
=Is it common to hallucinate while riding in the dark?
=Do you have any tips or techniques for dealing with scary situations (wild life or unusual noises) or trail obstacles in the dark?
Thank you everyone for your help! 

Angie Fura
Co-Manager of the Trace Tribute

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