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[RC] Small Acreage-MOW!!! - rides2far

I> am of the mind that horses eat way to much grass and need to MOVE 
MORE... so> I wish my pasture had less grass, more rock and more HILLS
for them 
to learn> to negotiat... 

I guess it's "feast or famine" for everyone. I have what you *say* you
want. 3 horses on about 3 or 4 acres. It's hillside...all sloped, about
half is really steep.The ground is poor...cherty, but what little grazing
(nibbling of individual blades) there is is at the bottom and the water
trough is at the top. It's terrifying when they have a running fit. They
come flying around the barn and go off the bank full tilt like motocross
motorcycles. They canter down it when it's extremely muddy. I've seen
their feet fly out from under them and they just slide. 

I've been here 14 years and just dumping the manure off the bank behind
the barn all that time.  Bill figures it helps keep the bank from washing
away (a definate factor). A good crop of weeds on that bank that's way to
steep to mow covers the manure pile up and blends it into the scenery. I
actually wanted to use a front end loader to recover some of the manure
from the years to use around our landscaping, but the hill is so darned
steep you can't get the tractor up to it without flipping. I think
spreading manure over my ground would simply spread worm eggs and make
the 4 blades of grass I have unappealing to them.  

My old home was a 2 acre place that subdivisions sprang up all around. I
used to just pile up the manure and it would never cause a complaint
until once a year or so we'd decide to move it. If I ever got a complaint
it was right after the manure was hauled away because where it had been
(bottom of the pile with no air) had been exposed. I had up to 7 horses &
ponies there and usually at least 4.

P.S. A "Mower deck" is the area that covers the blade on your mower or
bush hog. If your blade is 20" then you mower deck is small. If it's 42,
you're covering more ground with each pass. It's not the sort of thing I
like to think about since for me the size of the mower deck is
proportional to the amount of machine that will be rolling over my
husband if he flips it out here on this hill side...which is mowed up &
down, not side to side. :-P

Angie (whose husband is outside banging on the tractor's starter with a
wrench as we type)


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