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Re: [RC] Can horses eat this? - Maryanne Gabbani

Farmers in Egypt grow winter wheat every year and they harvest it with a nasty little machine (very small plots of land so no nice big stuff) that chops the stems into short sections and pulls off the grain. We feed the stems to our horses all the time. I usually dampen mine.? Standard diet here where finding enough dry forage of any kind is a real issue. Right now my horses get a mix of rice straw, chopped wheat, hay cubes that are what we call berseem hegazy and are I believe a type of alfalfa, and fresh cut berseem (clover) in the winter or garawa sukary (a South African grass, lovegrass) in the winter.? I'd start it a bit cautiously and just watch.


On Jul 2, 2006, at 7:29 PM, Amber Roberts wrote:

We live in Texas and are in the worst drought I can remember.? Our coastal bermuda fields aren't producing enough to cut and bale.? Neighbors with the same type of fields have over-planted winter wheat and it looked beautiful.? They were able to cut and bale it for their cattle.? My question is, if we plant winter wheat here next season, is that all right for horses to graze on?? Would this do any damage to a horse because of higher protein?


[RC] Can horses eat this?, Amber Roberts