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Re: [RC] lowered age limit - rides2far

BUT  > unfortunately 
there are a lot of breeders or professional trainers / riders out  
there who > cannot or will not share this view, for various reasons but

frequently  simply > through the pressure owners or jockeys put on them
 > in France for ex the (money) stakes have risen enormously over the 
past  > years - selling one young flash-in-the-pan could safeguard an
 breeding > program for several years

I remember reading once that a horse's 

"raw speed" is highest from age 2-4
Strength is greatest from 7-11
Endurance is greatest from 11-14

Right now...with the current "championship" format has one race
determining the championship. Nevermind long term. My question is, are
the 6 and 7 year olds that survive the system truly capable of going
faster *in that one race they peak for*  than the older horses who will
be able to perform again and again?  I do not like the current emphasis
on raw speed, but so long as the courses for championships reward it, and
the system to qualify requires it, the sport will be slanted towards
those who benefit from it. I noticed that the courses that *did* try to
claim some difficulty invariably achieved it with the addition of SAND.

Until our representatives quit going along with this direction and
campaign diligently for at least a VARIETY of championship type courses,
I think the International "champions" will result more and more from a
very flat racing type system where LOTS of young horses are pushed hard
and the ones that survive the system long enough to race, like our Derby
winners, will get in tremendous performances, then break down. An all
year long "series" like Nascar has for a points championship can help,
but for a World Championship it's not very feasable. I don't know what
the answer is but to me it's not too satisfying to see a comparison of
Apples and Oranges...horses that will last through a couple of races
competing against a group of horses that will last through long,
competitive careers. They're just not the same.



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