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Re: [RC] help...Angie's electrolytes - Peter Harper

From: rides2far@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC]   help...Angie's electrolytes

Can anyone (or Angie) give me her basic mix? I
remember salt; lite 
salt and tums....

My old recipe was "2 parts salt, 2 parts "lite salt" 1
part calcium. 
dose = 1 film cannister.

Then as a project for Josie's chemistry class we
analyzed it and it 
to better match up with the good commercial recipes I
should have been
using "No Salt" (salt substitute) rather than lite
salt which is 1/2
salt!  So, either make it 2 parts salt & 2 parts "No
Salt"  or 1 part
salt & 3 parts Morton Lite Salt then one part calcium.
In the past I
would grind up Tums in the coffee grinder for the
calcium. It smells 
and gives it a nice commercial looking color...but
according to Lynn
Crespo this is a bad idea and I can never remember
what they said is a
better source of calcium. I've just about decided that
if they're 
alfalfa (which they always are at a ride) they're
getting plenty of
calcium anyway. :-P



I use a similar mix.  For a calcium source I buy
dicalcium phosphate from the vet supply.  It comes in
a powdered form and easily mixes with the granular
salt and lite salt.  You also might consider adding a
1/4 part magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) as a Mg
source.  This will give you a mix that is very similar
to the popular commercial elytes at a fraction of the

Pete in TX

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