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RE: [RC] 100-mile completion awards - was hundred miler Junior brag - Jody Rogers-Buttram

Here we go, one of my pet peeves: 
It may be extra work...LOTS of it, but so is riding a horse a 100 miles!!!
It just means something to *think* that you and your horse are being recognized for a truly awesome feat. And it would be nice if the T-shirt would be something that fit.  RMs.....think of this.  If the shirts don't fit, people don't wear them, and you get little to no advertisement.
I am sure that it could be handled better than it is most of the time.  I think the pre-ride entry size request would be the best approach.
Ok, I'll get off the soap box now.
PS.  SOUL PATROL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Chastain, Shannon L." <slchast@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Maybe the RM  could ask for a size on the pre-entry then if a person does not pre-enter they get the leftover sizes in all distances???

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Subject: [RC] 100-mile completion awards - was hundred miler Junior brag

A very valid suggestion to set aside T-Shirts in the sizes requested for those 100 milers, so the 25's and 50's do not leave them "what ever is left", but, in defense of this ride manager, it seems they had some sort of glitch in the shirts from the get-go, as they had limited sizes off the bat. I did the 50, and finished mid pack, and they did not have any XL's, and apologized and said they had some shirt problems.   I did send the suggestion on to the ride secretary, so maybe next ride, they can ask for sizes for those 100 milers ahead of time. On a large group of 100's, with some late entries, indeed, it could be problematic with having the right sizes at the lat min., but when you only have 20 or so riders, it should be not too much work to set aside shirts for them.

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RE: [RC] 100-mile completion awards - was hundred miler Junior brag, Chastain, Shannon L.