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[RC] treeless saddles - Laura Hayes

In answer to the question about treeless saddles and weight distribution---here is my experience with treeless saddles over 2000 miles with one horse and several hundred with a couple others. 
I am a middle/middle wt, and tried the Torsion treeless first.  In anything over 50 miles (100s or multi's) I was getting soreness over the ample withers of both my horses from where the stirrups attached and went over the body of the saddle.  I had been using a Toklat woolback, and then an Equipedic. 
Got rid of that saddle, went through a couple other treed styles that weren't right, and ended up with a Bob Marshall.  I still use the woolback, and have found the BM to fit one mare and not the other.  The second horse has a really high wither and a depression behind her shoulder - luckily I stumbled upon a 25 year old Ortho Flex forward seat that fits like a glove. 
The 2000 mile mare I am still using the BM on has developed slight hair loss and a few white hairs right where my butt hits, and I am thinking that 100 miles in the early spring when she was changing coat, plus not having a crew so I did not untack enough, has 'burned' that area.  She was never tender on it, and I am trying to be more disciplined about removing her saddle and dissipate heat even when I am dead ass tired.
So, I feel that despite that small glitch, that yes, the BM saddle distributes the ample weight well if managed well....
Happy trails-
Laura Hayes
AERC# 2741