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Re: [RC] Gotta Question For Ya?? - rdcarrie

The Equibuild is harder material...the rocks don't chew it up the way they do the equipack.  If you compare the two, the e-pack is softer, more squishy and rubbery.  The e-build is still rubbery, but *much* stiffer and firmer.  Rocks don't gouge pieces out of it the way they do the e-pack.
We will use the mesh with the e-build if we re-shoe within a week or two before a rocky ride.  If shoes are at least 2 weeks old, we don't worry about the mesh.  The reason is, with a couple weeks of hoof growth after shoeing, there's a tiny bit of a lip under the inner edge of the shoe...you clean the hoof out REALLY well, includng under this lip, put the e-build in, and this lip helps hold it in.  I've done 50s like this and not lost it out of any of the 4 feet.  But if you re-shoe right before a ride, do the mesh.
Also, make sure the hoof is very clean, and very DRY before putting the e-build in.  If it's been rainy/muddy, stall your horse overnight in shavings before the farrier comes, to give the feet time to dry out.  Damp hooves won't let the stuff adhere, and you risk losing it.
Hope this helps.
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I would like to hear more about the Equibuild.  My farrer and I have been using the Equipack when I want to pad for rocky rides.  But, on two occassions the Equipack has come out during a loop.  Shoe stays on but pad material is gone - the farrier does use the mesh between the hoof and shoe to help keep the Equipack in.  Why do you think the Equibuild stays in better?  Are you using the mesh with the Equibuild?  Any and all suggestions I could pass along to my farrier would be appreciated. 
Roxanne in Kentucky
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There are products made especially for this.  I know one is called Equi-build, because that's what we use for rocky rides.  It's a pour-in pad material, and you can pull it out after the ride (or leave it in if you want).  You get it from farrier supply places.  Works great.  The Equi-build is black and works better for rocks.  The other kind is clear (I think it's called Equi-pack) and is softer and more rubbery; it tends to get eaten out by rocks.

Dawn Carrie

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