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[RC] [Guest] EPSM - John Teeter

(p.s. Melissa, I added you to the accept list so you can post directly to 
Please Reply to: Melissa Miller rdmkmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Hello=2E  I don't have an endurance horse, but I do have some=
questions regarding a barrel futurity horse that had above=
normal levels of CK in her blood last Friday after a Weds=2E=
workout=2E  Her AST was borderline high=2E  She did show some mild=
signs of tying up after the Weds=2E workout (rapid=
respiration/balking), but the vet thinks it might be more of a=
chronic EPSM because she hasn't seemed "right" all spring=2E  She=
has been somewhat exercise intolerant (starts out good but plays=
out quickly/takes longer to catch her breath after workout)=2E  At=
first, I thought she was just out of shape after a long winter,=
but after seeing our other horses in the same condition recover=
a lot quicker, I began to think something else was wrong=2E

I have several questions for anyone who may have information on=

(1) Is a muscle biopsy necessary or can I take the chance of=
changing the diet and see how she responds?  How long until I =
see her energy lasting longer?

(2) I have eliminated all grain as of last Friday=2E  I had been=
feeding plain oats but had added Red Cell because I thought=
perhaps that would help with her energy=2E  Could the Red Cell=
have contributed to the problem (sugar, starch)?

(3) In reading information on the internet, it looks like I may=
now have to supplement her energy needs by feeding some fat=
(since she is getting no grain)=2E  The easiest way looks like 2=
cups veg=2E oil with alfalfa cubes=2E  She is out on good pasture=
during the day, so I believe her forage needs are being met=2E  Is=
this the best way to add fat?

(4) I had hoped to run her at some futurities beginning in=
August=2E  Can I continue to exercise her, but not as hard? =
Actually, the Weds=2E night she showed symptoms, I probably=
trotted/loped 20-30 minutes, (but it was hot)=2E  My daughter=
pretty much did the same thing with her gelding and he cooled=
right out and got his wind back, while my mare continued to=
breathe hard for quite a while=2E  While I was cooling her out,=
she also balked twice=2E  Does anyone have an exercise regimen=
they might recommend? I have been riding her about four times a=

Thanks for any help you can offer=2E 


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