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Re: [RC] What do i feed my foal ? - agilbxr

This sounds familiar.  I had the very same problem when I brough Merlin home in January.  I started out with a decent quality grass hay, all that he can eat.  I had decided originally to feed him Seminoles 14% protein, 7% fat pellet, but we have had a problem here recently getting some of the Seminole feeds, and after a talk with half the free world down here in Florida, we went with the equivalent feed in the FRM brand.
Well, it turns out that Merlin is currently kind of picky about what he eats.  He doesn't care for pellets thank you very much, and flat wasn't eating them.  We were giving him 2#'s per feeding, and he might eat a quarter of that.  I don't mind having a baby horse that's a bit ribby, but I was getting kind of worried that when he shed out his foal coat that someone was going to call the SPCA.  His hips were starting to stick out.  Soooo, I gave in and bought him the FRM Mare and Foal Sweet Feed.  He eats that much better, has put some weight back on, and started growing like a weed.  He's also more spunky...little bugger tried to bite me the other day.  Lucky for me he's very sensitive to correction, and it seems I only have to do it once. 
I don't know where you are, but here in Florida we don't have grass, and we can't feed enough hay to keep the babies at a healthy weight, so this is what I'm doing with mine. I'm no expert, this is my first baby horse I've ever raised, but I did do a lot of reading before I brought the turkey home.
Juli and the Herd
Merlin-8 month old Paso/Arab baby
Alpine-12 year old Paso Fino
Spot-7 year old Appaloosa

[RC] What do i feed my foal ?, Diana Peterson