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Re: [RC] living 'dirty'... - Barbara McCrary

I recall two incidents in my life that refer to this topic:
1) A neighbor, backwoods sort of person with a heart of gold, whose kitchen displayed a small sign:  "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be comfortable." 
2) Myself, upon taking our first-born for her usual checkup with the doctor, snatching the baby off the floor because of the unsanitary conditions that floors usually represent, and having the doctor say, "Now mother, how else are we going to get our common bacteria."
I remember both incidents with fondness, and neither our neighbor nor our daughter suffered from their lifestyle.
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Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 12:39 AM
Subject: [RC] living 'dirty'...

well - couldn't agree more with you! Our slogan here is that we live dirty but happy! Now ofcouse we were both raised by parents who thought this as well - I haven't got a single baby or toddler picture of myself where I am not sleeping in the dog basket, sitting in the rabbit house eating out of their bowl or otherwise jumping in cow pats..
Our only time off work is accident related ( generally horse accidents although I recently managed to almost poke out my eye while pruning a vicious bush in the garden hihi)
We've had people over to stay at our house who would insist on washing their hands EVERY time they touched an animal - now with our horses, chickens & irish wolfhounds that was basically all the time.. what a life ?!
I drink out of the horse water troughs as well - will share a sticky banana with them each starting at one end and ending up in the middle ( well sort of) - am happy to serve up crème brulée in a bowl recently used to feed the chicks.. ( after being in the dishwasher but that's also where I was all the bits & stirrups hehe)
We are WAY more resistant to germs than a lot of people we know - don't care about our appearance... so we can concentrate on the more important things in life!
I draw the line though at wet irish wolfhound kisses in the face after they've been licking the roosting bars in the chicken coop ( hé mum, lollipops!)

[RC] living 'dirty'..., Pvan19