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[RC] question to other RC horse experts-googling - Tiffany D'Virgilio

Excerpt from Ginny's page: I don''t know what to say after perusing that whole site. She can cure any ailment of any horse, rehab the worst of the worst faster, and easier than any other trainer, the list goes on. I am curious about what those degrees are since it doesn't name any, and that she is a famous dog trainer as well.? Sorry for the colors, that's the way it copied through. I was completely unaware that horses were dumb alien children who have emotions and emotional IQ's of children. I mistakenly thought that they were animals-who knew they had languages based on early life experiences. Silly me.?

Many horse owners, riders, handlers, and caretakers are baffled about how to deal with certain equine behavior effectively.? We know what we want the horse to do or not do, but often how to get them to behave the way we want is a mystery.? So we try this and we try that, often with very poor results that leads to further difficulties.? Why? It's a simple matter of communications.

First, it's important to realize that horses are mute children.? Mute, because even though they can think and reason and communicate, they cannot speak; children because at full maturity, they have the emotional equivalent of only a child's emotional development.? So, they communicate in a sort of sign language, and in order to understand them, to speak to them, we must too!?

Second, it's very important to realize that horses are also dumb aliens.? Dumb, because compared to human intelligence, their intellectual capabilities are about that of a retarded person.? Aliens, because their entire culture, development and living requirements are extremely different from humans.? They are not only communicating in sign language, but their ability to think is limited and they understand only an alien language and culture.? Thus, to understand them, to speak to them, we must learn their language!

Third, by far the majority of those of us who have learned a foreign language, have learned it from someone who knew both our birth language and the foreign language, providing us with a blueprint of the foreign language to learn; however, there are very few who go to a foreign country without any concept of the foreign language and learn that language from a dumb mute alien child!? The horses problem is even worse, trying to communicate with us!? Can you imagine being a dumb mute child completely dependent upon aliens?

What's even more confusing still is that, just as there are many human languages, there are also many different horse languages, depending upon breed and their early life experiences.

So it is reasonably difficult for a human to learn a horse's language from a horse -- not just anyone can pick it up, easily -- it takes dedicated time and effort to learn that way.? Helping that horse understand humans is even more challenging.? On the other hand, it's fairly easy for an Equine Expert? to communicate effectively with a horse, understanding their language.

Have you ever played the game, Charade?? Well communicating with your horse is sort of like playing Charade with a dumb mute alien child.? And if you think that's difficult -- just imagine how confused your dumb mute alien child is trying to communicate with you!

Think about that for a moment.? If you were trying to talk to someone who spoke back to you in a foreign language you didn't understand; how would you get your point across?? Now realize that from a horse's point of view, most people are deaf and dumb to their language.? So, they gesture to us!

Therein lies the difficulty of most horse owners, handlers, riders, and caretakers -- they don't understand, and they don't speak Equinese .? So, when they tell their horse what to do or not do, the horse is confused; and when the horse speaks, they don't notice or recognize the language.?

Imagine what would happen if you could speak to your horse and understand what your horse is saying to you as easily as talking to another person!? Learn Equinese and you can!

However, you don't have to live among horses, struggling to reinvent the wheel.? Equine Experts, often called "horse whisperers" have taken the time and trouble to learn Equinese , are already able to both understand and speak it fluently, and can teach you how to handle your horse better, by learning Equinese yourself!

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