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Re: [RC] gaited arabs? - Catherine Pritchett

This very subject came up on a gaited list that I'm on.  I have two Arabs that gait, one more than the other and I have M.Foxtrotters.  I mentioned that I had bred my Arab mare to a MFT because she was gaited and appeared to be a good match other wise.  It was, I love the results, but, any way it started a discussion about gaited arabs.  One of the women that breeds MFT's replied as follows....
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Once upon a time, I was very fascinated by Arabs and had a friend who had been a breeder for 30 years and when she mentioned that occassionally a gaited Arab would crop up, I did quite a bit of research.  Seems back in the days when the Kellogg ranch was going full guns, they quite often had some strongly gaited Arabs (to the tune of having to have it "trained" out before they could use them in their weekend spectaculars).  Two of the lines that I was able to trace gait to was Skrownek and Abu Farwa (there were a couple of others but its been so long that I can't remember now, grin).
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As it happens, both of mine trace back to Abu Farwa as did a friends Arab that only gaited, doing what some call an amble.  Mine do trot as well as gait.
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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 7:38 AM
Subject: [RC] gaited arabs?

Hi Everyone,
several people have asked or mentioned that my horse looks gaited....."single-footing", gaited.... "what's her lineage?"
I think she usually walks this way when I first get on and especially when she is excited.  I thought she was just walking fast.
Are there particular lines of arabs that are "prone/subject" to being gaited?
Is being gaited a good thing for endurance?
She can trot pretty fast downhill on good footing..... not sure if that is something related to possibly being gaited.
I got her at a "rescue" auction.
Her dam and sire:
Prowa #0371090
MQF Desert Flame #0399758

[RC] gaited arabs?, Wrecksduke