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[RC] Bored stiff - ovarian tumors/cysts in mares - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Diane Roby diane_roby2002@xxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Okay here's one.  How many of you on the list have had or know of a mare with 
ovarian tumors/cysts?

For the past couple of months my 6 year old maiden POA mare has been 
increasingly witchy.  Normally she's very affectionate, comes when called, 
follows me all around the paddock, never offers to kick (unless another horse 
comes up on her rear), normally likes being groomed and lets me clean out her 
teats, even with cold hands/water.

Earlier this week while feeding I went in her stall and was rubbing on her and 
happened to rub her stifle area.  Darn near got kicked and got the ugliest face 
made at me.  So I went around the other side and lo and behold same thing.  Now 
she's not lame and the only time I've had any issues was the stone bruise on 
the right front in April.

Had the vet out yesterday and she pass the flex test both side with flying 
colors, not off even one step.  When putting her up in the cross ties, I 
brushed her face putting the lead on and she squealed at me, she normally makes 
almost no noise at all.  I thought maybe teeth but they were done 6 months ago, 
but I had him check that too, nothing they are fine.  So he casually mentions 
it could be granulosa or an ovarian tumor.  He's only seen 3 or 4 in his 
practice but he's not a repro expert even tho he does AI's during the season 
like most of the vets around here.

She's got an appt tomorrow at 9 am for a full repro workup to eliminate that 
and just to be safe we're xraying her stifles and hocks.  If nothing else the 
xrays will be a good baseline.

I'm just wondering if anyone with a performance horse has had this, what the 
prognosis is for her returning to competition, and any complications I might 
need to look for.  Or if we find she has no tumor what on earth is causing her 
to act this way?

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