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[RC] Tom Ivers - Mary Maynard

I am small potaoes in the endurance arena. But hope you won't object to my sharing my thoughts on Tom Ivers. I have had numerous jobs begining in my 20's that have invovled horses. There are a few people in the field that I feel have taught me something of value. I have had the fortune to have had some very good teachers. My first good teacher was Dr. Mansman PHD DMV ( Now in North Carolina in private practice and teaching at the university - Equine Vet School ). I met Dr Mansmann while working as a breeding manager at large morgan horse ranch in S.B. Calif, in the late 80's. Shortly after that I went to work for him as a ( unlicensed) ranch manager/ equine hospital vet assistant within his private practice. There under his expertise; I learned plenty.
I later moved to Washoe Valley NV. I joined NASTR ( Nevada all state trail riders). I had the fortune to meet and work for Michele Tristram and Dr. Zebrac both of NV. If you take the time to look up their indivdual AERC records of these two great riders; I promise you will be impressed with them and their horses. They both taught me plenty ( actually I have huge respect for near all the NV riders- a more impressive and more experienced group I have yet to meet - they all taught me plenty and I am truely humbled in their presence - for example some of the respected NASTR members include Karen Chaton, Dave Rabe and Connie Creech, all VERY experienced riders). But I was lucky enough to work for a time with both Michelle T. and Dr Zebrac : conditioning and riding horses for them. It was durning this time that I first heard of Tom Ivers. Since then I have read several of his books, watched his videos, and also joined his private news letter; Horse Science; which sadly, is no longer a reality.
I would be the first to admit that I have made mistakes with horses and continue to ( but I do try to learn from them and not make the same mistakes ). I have a great deal of respect for Tom's first hand experience working in the horse racing industry and his understanding of equine sport physiology. It is due to my respect of his knowledge, that I really hope you will consider reading his work. On a personal leval; I feel any success my horses have had, have been to a large extent do to his teachings. I know he rubs some of you the wrong way . So be it. In my very humble opinion, you ought to try and get past it, and to listen / learn from him....There are others with FAR more experience then I on this list that would agree and have professed to have used his knowledge to help their horses.
I mean no offense to any of you - I just wish all of us all to learn from any others that do truely have knowledge to give.

Mary Anne Maynard


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