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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Trailer Advise - Juli Jakub

Thanks. All my horses load and trailer great, but accidents happen with even the most well trained steed! Or god forbid a car accident where it may be impossible to get them all out of the slant through the back....you never know. But I know people deal with it as I see tons of three horse slants everywhere. It was just an issue I was thinking about.

<P>Juli Jakub</P>
<P>The Air of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.</P>
<P>~ arabian proverb</P></DIV></html>

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<div><font face=Arial size=2>Practice and think about personalities of the
horses. I loaded 4 into my 4 horse stock trailer. Used the divider
in the front but no divider in back. Learn which ones are buddied up and which
ones intimidate others. Load accordingly. NOT easy but did it
alone. Then there is training. I found Parelli a yr ago and he has
GREAT methods. The more you read the better you know. </font></div>
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<div><br></div><br>I have a related trailer question. I have a Jamco two horse
straight load. <br>We now have three horses...they keep showing up I don't
know how it happens! <br>; ) We are thinking of trading in for a three or four
horse slant. I was <br>wondering how you deal with it if the inner horse
freaks out. It seems <br>cumbersome and dangerous to have to unload all the
horses to deal with the <br>horse having a problem and if you are trailering
four with only two people <br>it is hard to hold all the horses and have one
person dealing with the <br>problem. I am use to four horse head to head
straights, but we totally <br>cannot afford that! Just wondering opinions on
this. Thanks,<br><br>&lt;P&gt;Juli Jakub&lt;/P&gt;<br>&lt;P&gt;The Air of
Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.&lt;/P&gt;<br>&lt;P&gt;~
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solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px'&gt;&lt;font
color=#A0C6E5 <br>size=1&gt;<br>From: &lt;i&gt;Don Huston
&lt;i&gt;[RC] Trailer <br>Advise&lt;/i&gt;&lt;br&gt;Date: &lt;i&gt;Thu,
27 Oct 2005 20:16:08 -0700&lt;/i&gt;&lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;Hello
<br>Alisanne,&lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;I have pulled many trailers but I like a
gooseneck best <br>because it &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;will not sway back and forth
like a bumper pull. I like a <br>slant load &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;because you can
walk in with each horse, tie'em, close <br>the &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;partition,
walk in the next, etc. without needing an escape <br>door. I
&lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;would get a small living quarters right away if you can
<br>afford it &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;cause you will be much more comfortable. I
bought a <br>TrailsWest &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;because it seemed very well made,
rubber on the floor, <br>walls, rear &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;door, very solid
divider (2 horse), 25gal water tank, <br>thick epoxy &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;paint,
lots of lights, 4 wheel electric brakes, add a <br>high-tie of
&lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;some kind on each side and you are set. These babies are
<br>heavy &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;(8000lbs with 2 horses and gear for my trailer) so
you need a <br>heavy &lt;br&gt;&amp;gt;duty truck. Good
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