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[RC] Selling horses [marketability] - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Dodie Sable dodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Those buyers that want the world for $1500 are always going to be out there.  
It's one thing to pick up a sale horse for $600 and turn it around for $1500.  
It's a whole other world raising one from the ground, putting in the time to 
get it on the trail and proving it.  In my barn, that's a $6500 horse.

In answer to your question, "What does the endurance enthusiast want?" if I 
were looking for a horse right now, I'd be looking for a green prospect in the 
$2500 range.

Personally, I don't give a flit what the breeding behind a horse is. I judge 
each horse individually.  I have a whole barn of proven horses that I was told 
can't run endurance because of their breed, or their parentage, or their size, 
etc.  Hmmmmm, each one passed my own particular criteria and each one has 
excelled on it's own merit.

I don't sell many adults, only foals.  Those adults I do sell failed to pass 
the endurance training goals and are put into pleasure trail riding and sold as 
such.  Most times, prices are negotiable, HOWEVER a fully trained, proven and 
electric endurance horse isn't leaving my barn without a worthy price paid by 
the buyer.  And if someone isn't willing to pay the price, then we keep on 
running it, earning it's AREC mileage, it's breed distance program awards, etc. 
(grin)  I have lots of leasers to help me out with that!


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