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[RC] Selling Horses - Donna Coss

Bargain hunters are everywhere--look at the success of E-Bay! There still seems to be a lot of overbreeding in the Arabian world--any times by small breeders who breed a mare or so and end up with more horses then they can feed. Many times these horses are from quality bloodlines and the breeders' just want "out" and price is reflected in give away prices. Some time the purchase is a bargain, but many times the young horses were not fed properly, feet allowed to get out of wack, worming irratic or not at all, vaccines etc. haphazard and training, marginal, at best.
Contrast that with a farm that puts a great deal of thought into bloodlines, even importing stallions, and builds up a perfect facility to insure that the horses are properly cared for and they never lack health care, training etc.
If you are seriously in search of a horse that will be competitive and not have problems, where would you purchase your horse? Would you spend the time it effort to find that perfect "back yard" horse or go to the breeder who has spent the time, money and effort to build up a bloodline that will prove itself?
If one doesn't see a reason to spend the few thousand dollars more for the young horses that are cared for and brought up in an optimum way, then why and how can any large farm stay in business? Why should time, money etc. be expended to develop good, sound, and well bred stock?
And do not flame me, because yes, small breeders can be passionately involved in the care of their horses-- They can afford, up to a point, to give quality care!!
I am just asking the question--why *should* or *would *anyone establish a breeding farm, when they have to compete with the low-dollar, giveaway prices!


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