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RE: [RC] selling horses - Ranelle Rubin

Oh Cowboy, you got it. My biggest joy came from taking a horse that no one wanted, teach it to travel in frame, watch it finish Tevis in 22nd place, and eventually sell it to Seichi Hasume who cherishes him on his ranch near Tokyo. Casey even has a fan club of young girls there. He put Mr. Hasume on the map in Japan and is in magazines and a book about Tevis. When I met that horse, the owner had not ridden the horse in 2 yrs because he did not know what to do about the way he traveled. He had him in a horrific bit that he had learned all kinds of avoidance techniques to become reasonably comfortable. He was the most nervous, spooky horse I had ever seen in a mature horse.  The first day I rode the horse, I said to his owner, “If you ever want to do something about the way this horse travels, let me know”. The guy basically turned the horse over to me, and he developed into a fabulous horse!  Now, that is joy! He was 12 when I met him, 13 when he did Tevis, and has finished top ten since then numerous times. The owner had tried to sell him several times, with no luck. I shudder to think what would have happened to him if I had not had the good fortune of meeting that horse. There is no way the guy would have paid for what I did out of pure love for horses and their possibilities.


I am now about ½ way through re-habbing a mare that was headed to auction. She had been screwed up by a cowboy with big spurs and an even bigger ego. He was so proud of himself that he could ride this “spirited arab”. He had her all bunched up and wild-eyed. She is now a relaxed, happy horse. The big difference is she is MINE, and a wonderful mare. She is the first mare I have ever owned. She is the sweetest, most affectionate mare I have ever seen. She did not come to me that way. Somehow she KNOWS.


Ranelle Rubin


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one thing for sure, dont even consider getting back what you put into a horse when it comes to money. if you are interested in making a lot of money, there are many other ways that are much more productive in that regard.  i might sell a horse that i raised for $1500 and recoup part of my investment, but i got to use and enjoy that horse for awhile, and didnt have to buy one to use and enjoy.  something that many of you might not have considered though, is that you get something intangible out of working with a young horse, getting it ready to ride, then selling it and watching someone else ride it, enjoy it, and maybe even make the highlight film a time or two.  put a price on that.       cowboy ed

[RC] selling horses, Ed Kilpatrick