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Re: [RC] a hard lesson to learn - Joe Long

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 16:49:05 EDT, DVeritas@xxxxxxx wrote:

Dear CB,

If this so-called "reputable" horse dealer was listed in the Endurance News  
magazine, I would be inclined to contact the Endurance News folks and discuss 
it  with them.

I know that you should have had the horse vetted, you know that you should  
have had the horse vetted, but, by the same token, when someone is considered  
"reputable" and turns out to be exactly the opposite, I strongly believe that  
someone needs to know that...be it the magazine or the community as a  whole.

This brings up an important point:  I know the buyer was trying to avoid "naming
names," but she gave a description of the seller:  a well-known horsewoman,
breeder and competitor in Colorado.  Well, there is more than one person here in
Colorado that fits that description, and some people might read that and think
they know who she's referring to, and be mistaken, and an innocent person gets

I've done some checking, and I know that this horse was NOT sold by the Rocky
Mountain Training Center (owned and operated by Bobbi Richine, an accomplished
endurance rider).  I'd appreciate it if Cherie would stipulate that, and I'm
sure Bobbi would too.  In all of the dealings I have had with the RMTC over the
years, they have shown nothing but good ethics and professionalism.  I've bought
two horses there and will not hesitate to buy from them again in the future.


Joe Long


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


Re: [RC] a hard lesson to learn, DVeritas