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Re: [RC] a hard lesson to learn - DVeritas

Dear CB,
If this so-called "reputable" horse dealer was listed in the Endurance News magazine, I would be inclined to contact the Endurance News folks and discuss it with them.
I know that you should have had the horse vetted, you know that you should have had the horse vetted, but, by the same token, when someone is considered "reputable" and turns out to be exactly the opposite, I strongly believe that someone needs to know that...be it the magazine or the community as a whole.
When it comes to "redress," if the horse trader knows that she will be held ACCOUNTABLE by the buyer, I think it can help in situations like this.
I feel sorry for the horse, I feel sorry for you and to buy a cribber...the horse-dealer knew it and hid it from you.  Terrible and (I don't care if she is a "Hall of Fame rider"), in your shoes, I would not be reluctant to contact her and ask for ALL of your money back and you pay shipping to return the horse to her.  She intentionally misrepresented the horse and she needs to know that you know it and will let others know of her business practices.
I don't see any "defamation of character" or "slander" issues here...it's pretty clear who was at fault here....AND IT WASN'T YOU. 
Don't beat yourself up about not getting a pre-purchase vet check too much....you thought you were dealing with someone of good character and substance.
Frank Solano