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Re: [RC] Irish, weight, making friends - Maryanne Gabbani

It's interesting reading this about stallions in the US. Most horses in Egypt are kept in stalls and I geld my boys since mine live outdoors in herds.? Our mares go into heat every month like clockwork, winter and summer. In fact we prefer to breed in winter so that the foals are born with the best feed and fewest flies. I guess our stallions have their testosterone running all the time that way.??


On Oct 21, 2005, at 3:33 PM, Chris Paus wrote:

My stallion is the best babysitter for weanings. He takes really good care of them and enjoys their company.? I have to remove them from his pasture in the spring though, he starts to look at the colts as competition when mares come into heat.
However, for several months he has his own little herd of colts and after that he is within eyesight and ear range of the mares and geldings. I learned the hard way though, that he was never taught to socialize closely with a herd, so I've got two sturdy fences with an alleyway between him and the other horses. He was 20 when I got him and had spent his life stalled away from the others.

RE: [RC] Irish, weight, making friends, Chris Paus