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Re: [RC] [RC] newbie question re time limits in endurance v. ctr - Sisu West Ranch

You have to look at the exact rules of the CTR organization who's rides you attend.  They probably are on the web.  The goal of the pulse check in CTR is to asses the level of fitness for final score.  Unless you have goofed, your horses pulse will be way below the continuation pulse by the 10 minutes.  Being a heavyweight, my horses pulses were often 44-48 on hot Midwestern days.  (winning lightweights were in the 36-44 range) This was well below the 68 for continuation (probably changed now to 64 or 60).  Note that CTR rules usually do not allow the use of water to bring pulse down.  In the Midwest, some rides in extreme conditions will allow sponging  at checks.  One time I got confused and on the very hot day he did not meet 68 at the half way check.  I lost a bunch of points, ended up well out of the ribbons, and the vet had me represent after the hold so she could make sure he had recovered and was fit to continue.
Endurance is a completely different game.  The Pulse check is only to asses fitness to continue.  Back in the dark ages, you went into the hold and only had to demonstrate an acceptable pulse before leaving.  Now endurance uses "gate into hold".  You come in, get an in time, then have not more than 30 minutes to meet the criteria.  When you meet the criteria, the hold time starts.  This is your incentive to make sure that your horse comes down promptly.  Since pulse and time to pulse do not effect final results, you are allowed to cool a horse with water etc.   For endurance the time is one hour at the end.
PS.  Before those who do not like/do CTR start posting about how it is bad horsemanship not to allow sponging in camp please consider the following:  If you do a CTR properly, your horse even under high temp and humidity, will be in the 36-48 region at the 10 minute check.  The speed is lower and horses are cooled by walking a mile or so to the check.  Pace and timing are a large part of being a winning CTR competitor.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

Re: [RC] [RC] newbie question re time limits in endurance v. ctr, Marta Kozlowska