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Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations - Truman Prevatt

Dyane Smith wrote:

The power of politics and money (RV people vs horse people) make for strange
quirks in the law.


One rider had a modified semi to pull his trailer. The truck was registered and licensed as an "RV" in his home state. Since it was an RV there were no special requirements on drivers license. He got pulled over in GA for a "lane violation" - semi's are not allowed in the left lanes on I75 in many places. They also were trying to hit him up since he didn't have a CDL.

He managed to some how make it across the county line and get on down to FL. He fought it - went to court in GA. The judge looked at his paperwork from his home state and threw the case out admonishing the officer that the state of GA cannot question how any other state choses to license thier vehicles.

Another fellow I know has a Frightliner FL7 which is registered in FL as a "conversions van." This also falls under the RV category.

I can tell you the FHP would like to crack down on these 80 year old gizzers that can barely see over the steering wheel driving hugh motor homes down they road - but they can't.



"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth." Niels Bohr -- Nobel Laureate, Physics


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