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Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations - Truman Prevatt

At least Sundowner LQ is registered (or can be) as an RV. Hence you fall under the exemptions of RV's. Most of the other LQ trailer companies seem to be working in the the direction of getting their trailers certified as RV's if not already there.

There are some strange exemptions out there. If you have a pickup style bed on a truck - you don't have to pay excise tax in FL. However if you have one of the RV hauling type beds you do. In FL the plates for a 50 K Sundowner LQ trailer will cost you about 1/2 of what the plates for a two horse tag along cost since the Sundowner is an RV.


Dyane Smith wrote:

Hi, Gary,

Thanks for the explanation.  I haven't been stopped yet.  This is all in an
(over) abundance of caution.  My new truck is arriving next month and I'm
trying to figure out how to make it all work (very tall truck, relatively
short gooseneck).

One of the other Ridecampers suggested getting an aftermarket pickup bed.
I'm going to look into that.

One particularly irritating thing about all this is that, at least as I
understand it, RV'rs are exempt from this bed requirement.  So also are
people hauling for agriculture, which makes me wonder why horse trailers
would not be considered a version of agriculture.



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Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations, Gary Fend
Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations, Dyane Smith