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Re: [RC] Response to Biltmore Vets - LAWRENCEC BENNASCONI

 I was "harassed" a little at the end by one of these vets who had a snotty attitude about my horse being barefoot. She did have a minor chipping of her hoof wall on one foot, and this vet acted like half her hoof was missing.  After I explained that this horse can not be sedated enough to allow a farrier to work on her feet, nothing else was said. I also left her feet a little long for this ride, anticipating some chipping and/or wear that would need to be filed out.  I have no problem whatsoever if you see something that I may be doing that is not the best for my horse, but don't talk to me like I'm an idiot in the process. Also, once I learn how to mail shoes on, this won't be an issue again, or maybe this mare will warm up to farriers sooner or later. Those of you who have seen my little bay Morgan know the rest of this story, she was on her way to the slaughterhouse over her feet issues.  
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Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 10:04 PM
Subject: [RC] Response to Biltmore Vets

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If I had known that this ride would be under these vets....I would not have attended.  They ARE very unreasonable and waste our time/money for the ones that want to just go and have fun. Their "black and white" attitude is unjustified. The bedside manner and cocky attitude is uncalled for. We don't really need to hear about your 100 mile championship horse and compare that horse to the one I'm trying to vet in with and 20+ people waiting in line..thank-you-very-much.  I also don't need to know how much weight I have to put on or take off my horse during my vet-in's.  The "extra" commentary (that is always negative - and sometimes rude and obnoxious) is uncalled for.

 I am ashamed when I mentor "newbies" and they have to deal with the "harrassment" of these particular vets..and YOU know who you are! 

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[RC] Response to Biltmore Vets, Ridecamp Guest