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[RC] rearing horse when saddling - Sherman

  Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

My horse didn't have a sore back, but he danced around as we cinched up. I decided he must have pain somewhere. So we had some body work done (chiropractic)....he had ribs "out". No more dancing around and objecting to being cinched. That was about 1 1/2 years ago, and still no problems. If your horse is well behaved in other areas, look for a cause of the poor behavior. Pain is the usual culprit.
My neighbor's horse reared & "went over" as he was being mounted last week....broke 3 bones over his eye & split the skull all the way down the middle. I wouldn't suggest pulling your horse over.
Grass Valley, CA

I would like to get some different ideas from all of you rgarding=
 a horse that rears when you cinch him up. Can I have some=
 different training ideas from all of you?  My first inclination=
 is to pull him all the way over, however it takes two of us to=
 cinch (we do this very gently by the way) and I worry for the=
 safety of both us.  He is not sore on his back, but I  have no=
 history or background on him at all.  However he is a sweetheart=
 in all other areas. Please email me privately if you want @=