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Re: [RC] [RC] Injuries--Diagnosis/Treatment Options - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Lauretta tikitiki69@xxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I would agree with another post on this subject regarding the
use of ultrasound.  I had been having problems a few months ago
keeping shoes and /or boots on Shaba.  I was out trail riding 
part of the Tevis trail when Shaba lost a boot and was it was no
where to be found.  He kind of tenderfooted it back to the 
trailer that day.  I then had him reshod a day later and took him to Gold 
Country.  Shortly into the ride he was favoring the same foot 
that had lost the easyboot.  I pulled from the ride and thought 
it was just a stone bruise related to the prior incident, but 
could not find a sore spot w/ hoof testers and no swelling or 
heat, so decided to have an ultrasound done. Turned out he had
tore his tricep instead.  Had I not ultrasounded, would have 
probably just turned him out, giving him opportunities to tear 
around and hurt himself worse.  But instead confined him (at 
least he thought so) in a smaller location and hand walked him 
till the muscle healed.  Ultrasound is really worth its weight 
in gold if it is an injury you did not actully witness or are
unsure of as to the cause...

Lauretta and Shaba (I really, REALLY hate being confined..I think
you did it to torture me...at least you gave me treats to 
compensate, but we are STILL not even.......)


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