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Re: [RC] one giant step closer - Linda Nichols

Title: Re: [RC]   one giant step closer
Jen, I can relate to your fear issues. I have had so many bad horse accidents that it is hard for me to trust my horse. But believe me, if you have a good horse your fear will eventually subside. This weekend I was riding the Patriot’s Day ride and there was a section of trail that was really close to the highway, like right next to the highway with no trees in between. As I got to that spot I got really scared about what my horse would do and as luck would have it a big semi was coming down the highway just as I got to the spot on the trail that was closest to the road. The semi flew by not 20 feet away from my horse and my horse didn’t even shudder. Let me tell you, this horse is putting to rest a lot of my fears.


On 9/12/05 5:20 PM, "bsbat@xxxxxxxx" <bsbat@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi, my name is Jen and I am new to R/C--I have been reading but this is my
first post and it is to everyone.  I need to share that I have finally
ridden  ALONE on a trail ride this weekend.  I literally rode for about 20
minutes, but I was alone and out of the arena!!!!!!  I don't know where my
fear has come from, but I long to do endurance after being a vet scribe
two years ago.  My fear has held me back, but no longer.  This week I will
trail ride with a friend and then ride alone again next weekend.  I would
appreciate everybody's input.  Especially ways to deal with fear and
overcoming it.
   I will be looking for a mentor next...I live in far, far northern
california on the coast.
thanks in advance,
Jen Murrell

[RC] one giant step closer, bsbat