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Re: [RC] CTR...Last words - Jo Ann Knight

I have never heard it put so exceptionally well.

Thanks, I got a lot out of that.  And I think debate is healthy and another
type of learning process, just that if it gets to "bickering" stage then it
is unproductive cause emotions are in the way of the understanding, hearing,
and learning.

Jo Ann

-------Original Message-------

From: Chris Paus
Date: 08/26/05 10:05:10
To: Brian & Sara Minsk; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] CTR...Last words

And here's my last response!

It doesn't matter whether you ride in ECTRA, UMECRA, NATRC, MOTDRA or AERC.
Horsemanship is a big part of success or failure at distance riding, or
should I say, longterm success or failure. Anyone can have a few great rides
but having great rides year after year, takes horsemanship, which
encompasses a lot of things!

Yup. NATRC is the only org that scores you on horsemanship, but that doesn't
matter. When your horse's condition is being judged in the other CTR groups,
or when a vet looks over your horse in AERC to determine if it is fit to
continue, your horsemanship is there... on your horse. The horse reflects
what you have done to him or for him or with him.

It's not about CTR versus endurance. Both sports are great and I participate
in both. It's about learning how to rate the horse, how to teach the horse
to take care of himself, learning not to override the horse on any
particular day.

When you've done this for awhile, you'll understand. I'll never be a top
tenner, (well I have a couple of times, but by luck, LOL) But I know every
footfall my horse makes. I know every breath he takes and every heartbeat,
with or without a HRM. I am very in tune with him. When we have a great ride
it is because I've used the horsemanship skills I've learned in this sport
and i've listened to my horse and ridden him according to what he had to
give THAT DAY. A couple of times, it meant pulling because it wasn't in him
that day. Some days it meant getting the turtle award. And sometimes
everything gels and we just cruise! It means paying attention to him when he
tells me we've gotten off trail (yes, a good distance horse reads ribbons).
It means listening to him when he tells me he NEEDS to grab some grass or
drink out of a puddle, or go potty, or stop and take a deep breath at the
top of a hill.

It means riding him efficiently and correctly so that he doesn't have to
worry about balancing himself and me. It means choosing the right tack so he
is comfortable. It means choosing the right groceries for him. It means
preparing him for the work I'm going to ask him to do. It means teaching him
how to behave at vet checks. It means learning to camp with your horse.

THIS is horsemanship. Yes, it is very much a part of the sport, whichever
form you choose to do. The people who learn this, will ride for years and
enjoy distance riding a long time. The people who don't, won't stick with it
because they use up horses or decide it's too much work and they find
something with more immediate rewards.

I hope you'll try to understand this Sara. No one is trying to make you feel
bad or argue for the sake of arguing. I think you sound like a person who
could be a real asset to the endurance community. Give yourself time to
learn. Be a sponge and soak up everything that you can. That's also

Good luck and happy riding.


Brian & Sara Minsk <ninemaplefarm@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok. This is the last time I am going to respond to this topic! LOL

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. Louisa May

Chris Paus
BayRab Acres http://pages.prodigy.net/paus
Lake Region SWA http://lakeregionswa.fws1.com


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


Re: [RC] CTR...Last words, Chris Paus