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[RC] backing out of trailer - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Lauretta  tikitiki69@xxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have a stallion as well as a 2h bumper pull.  My guy was having
a 'selective' problem getting both in and out; ie, if we were at 
a ride w/ other horses, he had no problem getting out; at home, 
problem.  Getting in at home a snap; he was hungry and, hey, 
there is hay in the manger; getting in AFTER the ride when he had
to leave all the other horses, problem.  He did not have fear 
issues, he was having a 'I will do it when I want to' problem.  
Tried butt rope, lead ropes, tapping his legs, no results. 
Solution: put a stud chain over his nose.  DID NOT jerk it or 
yank it, but kept a constant pressure on it till he took a step 
back (going forward, was pulling him toward me through access 
opening on the side of the stall) then released and praised him.
After going forward a few steps, he would decide that he was not
getting his way and would try to bully his way back to his 
original starting point.  Immediate pressure on the chain till he
took another step in the right direction.  This needed to be done
very slowly, no jerking to cause any sharp pain, just discomfort.  After a few 
times, he learned a little more respect,
dropped the attitude, and loads fine now.  Wouldn't try this with
a horse with an actual fear issue, but with a stubborn one who is
obviously trying to do it just to get his way...

Lauretta and Shaba (I like to let her think she is in charge; I 
am just that kind of guy; makes it easier to get treats when I 
want them <horse grin>)


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