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[RC] Trucks are for Girls - Becky Hackworth

Now please remember, I am the one that does most of the regular maint. on my own truck and I was an early "women's liber....some of you don't even know what that is.....
My favorite story in regards to my truck....:-))
Drive in to truck stop in ABQ, New Mexico.  Get out of the drivers seat.  The lic Plate is California Vanity Plate....BECHACK.   This nice little man runs over and asks me if my husband wants me to check the oil.....
Now, I have just driven 12 hours with 5 kids and a husband with the camping trailer.  Not in the best of moods....I whipped around and said...."It's MY TRUCK AND I'LL CHECK MY OWN OIL!"   Poor man.   He really didn't deserve that.....but hey...I don't trust just anyone with my truck.  Might be why I have 214,000 miles on her.