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Re: [RC] CTR Trail Horsemanship - Jon . Linderman

Wow, lots of debate over the issue of CTR.  I'll reiterate what my friend Mollie said, and that is that CTR rules vary grreatly from organization to organization.  I'ver only seen OAATS, AHA, and UMECRA, but those all varied at least somewhat.  Concept of the window is the same I believe, but rules vary greatly.  I can say that I was glad to start my horse in CTR.  I was CLUELESS about horses in general having been forced to retire from bike racing and triathlons. I learned so much about my horse and asked the lamest questions on the planet I am sure.  I really don't do much CTR w/this horse anymore.  Hes gotten to where his preferred pace is just not compatible with the windows of time we use around here.  The again I learned alot too from our first LD's, first 50, first 100, but for me, for this horse CTR was good for him.   For some people its there bag and I say good for them.  I don't see it as less (or more) than endurance, just another option.  Heck I want to try endurance driving since I drive my horse alot.  Maybe I won't like their rules......won't know 'til we try.  Some CTR people try endurance and find they don't like and vice versa.  Some people seem to like both and like the challenge of operating under different rules, sometimes on the same ride weekend.

Heres another thought too.  Say you try a CTR and don't like it.  Or horse doesn't.  Fine.  You learned its not for you.  I had a Chem professor I detested as an undegraduate & always thought I'd send him a copy of my doctorate to place in an appropriate location, compatible with my contempt for him.  The I realized, the guy taught me a valuable lesson........how not treat students.  

For me its about finding new and different challenges. New rides, new states, new people, new levels of challenge or fun.  I saw a 3 day 75 UMECRA ride in October & I thought hey that'd be new.  Never done a UMECRA CTR, never done a 3 day CTR......so maybe we try that?!

Jon K. Linderman, Ph.D., FACSM
Assistant Professor of Health and Sport Science
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-1210
Voice:(937) 229-4207
FAX: (937) 229-4244

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