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Re: [RC] [RC] gaits, not a flame :) - Soli Sorokin

There is a lot of seat movement, but it tends to not be the jarring
type, rather the rolling side to side or front to back, depending on
the gait. It will work your seat and stomach muscles more than
posting. To ride properly, it still requires a good seat, but it's not
nearly as hard on the knees as posting. As others have said, the
amount of movement and quality of movement varies vastly by the

The "smooth ride" designation seems to point to the general lack of
jarring motion, not to the lack of motion altogether.


On Aug 22, 2005, at 11:40 AM, Sky Ranch wrote: 

I know I will get major flames from this, but I just have to say something
here -- people who ride gaited horses say that it's such a smooth ride, but
observing them going down the trail, I can see a lot of movement in the
riders - no, it's not like riding a trot or a canter, but when I watch your
bodies, you are moving quite a bit.  I rode a gaited horse one time, a TWH,
and quite honestly, for me -- I did not like the movement.  I felt like I
was sitting on a washing machine that had an unbalanced load... it didn't
feel 'right' to me.  Probably I was doing something wrong(!), I'll certainly
admit that!  But, I prefer the "feel" of the gaits of a QH or Arabian or TB.
 A good horse is going to have smooth gaits, no matter the breed, I believe.
 OK -- now, I am NOT slamming gaited horses here, believe it or not!  The
more I see of them, the more I truly do like them.  But, saying they're a
smoother ride is a stretch for me.  Ok, I'm now putting on my fireproof

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[RC] gaits, not a flame :), Lee Towne