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Re: [RC] FWIW - Scratches PREVENTION - Maryanne Stroud

Please forgive my gross ignorance, but after hearing people talk about 
scratches a lot I really have to ask what are the necessary conditions for 
them.  Is it dust, heat and sunlight? Or do you have to have water mixed in 
there somewhere?

No one ever talks about scratches in Egypt and I've only seen something that 
looked even remotely like them on a couple of my horses this spring. Mine 
(unlike any of the other horses here) are out 24/7 and can actually get wet 
feet messing about in puddles in the paddock if they so desire. Most horses in 
Egypt are boxed as space is a serious problem.  If sunlight and dust were the 
main culprits, I'd imagine that we'd all have scratches up the wazoo. Most of 
the riders here prefer to ride in the desert exclusively since then they don't 
actually have to worry about training horses to deal with any interesting 
situations involving traffic, other animals, or equipment. The desert is total 
dust and most horses get hosed off at least on the legs after riding.

Can someone give me an idiots explanation of what brings on scratches? I can 
find lots of explanations of things to do for them but not much on what it is 
that causes them.

currently in New Jersey and homesick as the dickens 

This is why I think I?ve never had to deal with scratches.

I ride western, team & ranch rope, & have been teased by the cowboys 
for my meticulousness, as they say ?Oh, the horse needs fetlock hair 
for protection in the desert?. Well, I ride in the nastiest rocky, 
cholla, spiny junk for ?trails? here hunting cattle out of the brush 
(one section is like Cougar Rock in the Tevis), & protection has been 
an issue 3 times in 14 yrs (so I just take the multitool pliers & pull 
out the cactus). In fact, I?d rather have a clipped area there so I 
can actually see the cactus spines because one is going to pick them 
up anyway, sooner or later?

Just my 2 cents & food for thought on prevention.


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