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[RC] Sharing the Trailer Ride - k s swigart

Crysta said:

For those of you that do this, what typically works best?
I of course would share the cost of gas (plus a little extra
usually for the "favor"),

Since you are not sharing the cost of the tires, insurance, maintenance,
and purchase price of the truck and trailer, the polite thing to do (if
you ask me) is to pay for ALL the gas (and since you would be paying for
all the gas if you were to use your own rig to get there yourself, you
aren't out anything).  This is assuming that the reason you are cadging
a ride for your horse is because you don't have the ability to transport
your own horse.  If the reason for sharing the trailer ride is that you
have your own rig but are both going to the same place from the same
place and it is silly to take two rigs when you could share the variable
costs by taking just one (then sharing the cost of the gas plus a little
extra for the wear and tear on their rig makes more sense).

but how do you usually arrange your own transportation?
Ride with them, take your own car?  What about camping?
Tie to their trailer?  We don't have large trees at most of
the ridecamps here in NV so I can't really high-line to
anything.  He ties well but can walk around and eat
incessantly so that can be kind of "loud" sometimes.
How do you minimize "stuff"?  I have gone successfully
with my tack, crew bucket, extra feed, etc but my horse
eats a LOT and requires extraordinary amounts of hay
(usually 3/4 - 1 bale for an overnight Friday, come home
Sat trip).  Where do YOU sleep?

All of these logistical questions are entirely up to you and the person
you are riding along with, and if you don't know them well enough to be
able to discuss this with them directly, you don't know them well enough
to share a trailer ride with them. :)

Just discuss the whole thing up front and do what seems to make the most
sense for both of you.

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.  In many legal instances there is a difference between being
compensated and letting somebody else pay for the expenses.  I have not
been "compensated" if you pay the gas station owner for the gas that you
buy from him.


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